We would like to share with you brief information about the "Moving Stones" project. The project is about the: "Anatolian Neolithic and its Transmission to Europe and the "Intercultural Dialogue" established primarily among scientists. The project activities are designed to contribute to the greater visibility and recognition of these two phenomena in the wider public and to open new horizons for the dialogue. To better convey the project content, let us elaborate on certain conceptions including the Neolithic, Anatolian Neolithic, Transmission of the Neolithic to Europe, and World Heritage. Then, we will summarize the project under the headings “Formation of the Project,” “Objectives,” “Target Audience,” “Activities” and “Outputs”.

How the “Moving Stones” project was shaped

“Neolithic Age Research” provides continuous new data on how civilization emerged. These studies are among the most dynamic areas of scientific research, involving scientists from different disciplines, especially archeology. This dynamism is a productive basis for intercultural dialogue, joint efforts, solidarity and sharing that crosses borders, based on humanity's shared cultural heritage.

The prospect of contributing to the greater visibility and recognition of these joint scientific efforts that cross borders, knowledge revealed, and the “Anatolian Neolithic and its Transmission to Europe” formed the subject matter of the project.

Project objectives

Target group

The project's audience is not limited to scientists.

To be more accurate: As the project aims to share the knowledge revealed by institutional and scientific efforts with the social segments of all ages and groups at home and abroad, the target audience has been determined from this perspective.

Main Project Activities & Outputs

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